VTIN Punker

Hello everyone, few days ago I got the Vtin Punker fashion wireless speaker from Amazon it's a Bluetooth speaker it's splash proof and shockproof as well at the top of the speaker are the buttons so we have the power on and off button the previous track next track as well as volume buttons there's also a button for phone functionality as well on the side we have our this little slit this opens up and we have our USB charging connector as well as an auxilary connector as well if you're using it with something that doesn't have bluetooth. What you get in the box we get of course the speaker itself you get the micro USB charging cable you get an auxilary cable and you get this little carabiner a silicon hoop and hook it to a backpack or a belt I haven't used that feature I probably won't be using it because I bought this mostly for shower which doesn't need to be hook-up but it's a great plus to consider, what I was using previously wasn't doing a great job it was this I-home speaker it can't go in the shower itself is it's not water-resistant so I would have this like on the counter of my sink and I would have it turned up so I can hear the music however given the sound of the ceilling fan the sound of the water and whatnot you weren't really able to hear the music all that well it made it kind of difficult to hear the music so this speaker can go directly in the shower. But the Vtin Punker is different I usually just leave it on a little ledge like I said it's water is flash proof so water will build up on the fun like around the edges you can just clean it off and speaker works just fine like that it's also shockproof like I said I haven't dropped it and I don't intend to drop it but it's built to absorb shock as well. The buttons at the top are the power button next to that it is either the next track button if you just tap if you just tap it it'll change tracks if you press and hold it'll raise the volume next is the phone button so if you get a call you can tap that to take the call it's like a hands-free calling and whatnot I haven't actually used it and I probably won't use that feature or won't be using it because I bought this mostly to be used in the shower anyway and finally we have the previous track button as well as volume down so you just tap it to go back a track or you can press it hold to lower the volume.

Turning power on / off has a different sound which make you know whether it's on or off, it's very well construction got quite a bit of weight to it it's definitely weighs a lot more than my previous speaker because you can just obviously see them side by side for its size and compare to my previous speaker this has more advantage when it comes to sounds, bass etc, even there's a watter running, ceilling fan, barrier sounds coming from this speaker is still amazing and can be hear clearly. I'm using this with a iPhone 6's but this works on anything that has bluetooth and it's very well-constructed it's got these little feet that will sit nicely as well as if it hit something these are going to absorb shock so if it's accidentally dropped rest assured that it will still works well but I don't intend to drop it or have it fall off of anything but it's nice to know that it's built to absorb shock and the only thing you shouldn't do is not to completely submerged this speaker but if water splashes it's fine I've had water droplets on it for a couple of months in the front of it and the top of it especially when my hand is wet and I'm changing tracks for changing volume. I pick this up on Amazon I was looking for a bluetooth waterproof wireless speaker and this is one of the first results that popped up when I look for that on Amazon I had pretty good reviews so I went ahead and got it and I'm enjoying it I think this is definitely going to be something I'm going to be using this in the future not only in shower but in any activies, sounds was great, bass is awesome even at full volumen the crisp is stil there so it's really worth it, I did watch a couple of movies with this speaker and I can say it's pretty cool that the sounds was decent I hear everything so I would recommend this speaker if you're looking for a bluetooth wireless speaker for multi-purpose not only for shower the Vtin punker is definitely worth checking out.